Flunky Ball with ESN May 9th, 2022

Hey beer lovers!

Have you ever heard about this super fun game called “flunky ball”?

No? Then now is your time to try it out. The only thing you need to bring are good vibes and some cans of beer. Then you can catch up with your Erasmus friends while playing a fun game. You can also bring something else to drink but it should be 0.5 litres.
We are going to meet up at Parterwiese, next to WU. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, because Flunky Ball involves a bit of running.

As we currently have our Erasmus Social Inclusion Days, we will also sell some beers for 2€ there and donate the income to charity. Feel free to bring some extra coins to put in our donation box :)

See you soon!

The presale period for this event is over.

May 9th, 2022
Begin: 18:00
End: 20:00
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